May photo shoot and new products

It’s amazing how much planning goes in to a photo shoot.

Just when we think we are organised there is always something we have forgotten, or realised we should have styled differently after the shoot. Whether it’s bringing all the props; vases, candles, crockery, cutlery, paintings, lamp bases and shades, shells, flowers and anything else we think may work, and immaculately ironing all of the linen, there is a lot to be done in the few days before. 

For this shoot, we re-arranged all of the furniture in our bedroom. My husband was not amused after I managed to persuade him to help move everything at 10pm the night before - I think it was worth it though!

The flowers were from Emma at florist Bramble & Willow, in Wandsworth, and our photographer was Lucy Dalzell who is based in Shropshire. We really wanted to capture some of the beautiful details in the linen this time - the delicate hand embroidery and hemstitch and the soft colours. The new Matilda linen was the highlight of the shoot, with the full king size blue set on the bed and blue and white flowers on the bedside table to compliment the embroidery. 

Collage of SARAH.K images

It is sometimes hard to capture the true colours of products in a photograph for the website, and we are always trying to make sure that the colours are as true to life as possible. 

The results of the shoot are being uploaded on to the website this week, so look out for the new images, and new products: beautifully soft white cotton embroidered night dresses and kimonos for women, children’s kaftans, and our gorgeous new pink linen napkins which are perfect for lunches with your girlfriends or stunning for a wedding. 

Do let us know what you think!