As the days become longer and brighter, it’s time to get your home ready for the sunnier times ahead.

Sarah K bed linen

Nothing beats the smell of fresh bed linen, so remember to wash your cotton sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases regularly. Although it may be tempting to wash your cotton at a high temperature, we recommend a gentle 40-degree cycle to maintain the fibres natural softness; it’s also kinder on the environment.

In Summer we bring the outside in by choosing a luxurious, lightly fragranced ‘posh wash’ detergent. Although more expensive than your average washing pod, these will fill your bedroom and your home with fragrance.  Our favourites include Wilton London Jasmine Laundry Liquid and Kair Wild Juniper & Bergamot Signature Clothing Wash.

If you can, line dry. Not only will it leave your bed linen with a natural scent, but the sunlight can also have a bleaching and anti-bacterial effect.

Open house

Summer is the time to fill your home with friends and family, so welcome them by turning any guest room into a getaway oasis.  

Choose luxurious bed linens, perhaps something a little different to the ones they would find at home – our Ditsy range instantly adds a romantic, vintage feel to any room.

A summer heatwave will require something lighter than a duvet so add one of our 200 thread count scalloped edge top sheets. They look so pretty and will keep any guests cool and comfortable.

If things turn colder, then layer with one of our pretty quilted or scalloped bedspreads.

Hand towels

In bathrooms and cloakrooms, guests will appreciate our individual embroidered hand towels.

For a considerate touch, why not place one of our quilted wash bags  in your guests en suite with essentials such as a sewing kit, pain killers and cotton wool.